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Your partner for all differential pressure measurement products
and accessories within the energy value chain

Flow Metering Company Ltd prides itself on offering the "complete" product portfolio for all Differential pressure applications within the Energy Industry.

The primary metering component is the Orifice Plate. Flow Metering Company Ltd can support you on identifying how you wish to package the Orifice Plate. For example if you wish to change the Orifice Plate whilst the pipeline is still active then we would recommend the Dual Chamber MeasureMaster or indeed if this is not required and budget is the constraint, then Orifice Flange Union would be recommended.
For Venturi, V-Cone and Flow Nozzles. The products are offered for ease of choice whether it be space, pressure loss or budget constraints.
With all products we strongly recommend that the Meter Runs are procured with the meters, to ensure complete confidence with the metering accuracies in line with ISO-5167 or AGA-3.

The team at Flow Metering Company Ltd have many years of experience and knowledge within this niche product and market and our esteemed clients can rest assured that the support and solution will be catered to your requirements and beyond your expectations.

"From Well to Consumer"