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The Legacy - Since 1936

1936 Perry Equipment corporation was founded in 1936 by Mr Perry Snr as a proprietorship. The operation moved to Dallas in 1941 and then to Mineral Wells in 1949, which is the same year the Company was incorporated. The principle market initially was Lube Oil Filters for compressors in the oil industry. The Company continued to manufacture pressure vessels and replacement elements for the oil & gas market and expanded its offering to include filters for dry gas, liquids and eventually filter separators.

1973 In 1973 Perry Equipment Corporation (Peco) acquired the orifice fitting business Robinson Orifice Fitting division from White Consolidated Industries. This business was located in Houston and during the next year was moved to Mineral Wells, this was the company's first entry into the Gas Measurement Business.provided to Peco an entry to the Gas Measurement market worldwide.

1982 In 1982 Perry Equipment Corporation (Peco) formed a separate corporation based in Mineral Wells (Texas, U.S.), Perry Equipment Europe Inc which was 100% owned. This corporation opened a sales branch in Holland and staffed it with a manager and an engineer. This branch office was established to coordinate sales in Europe and coordinate European fabrication of our products, by licensors.

1983 On February 22, 1983 the Company, through Perry Equipment Europe Inc. and an U.K. holding company set up for that purpose, acquired Heeco International Limited and changed the name to Perry Equipment Limited (PEL).
The Dutch office of Perry Equipment Europe Inc was closed shortly after this acquisition, as all requirements could be served from the 100% owned new subsidiary.
As Perry Equipment Ltd, they had a manufacturing facility at Barnham, Thetford, England that produced all products, except elements that were produced in the Texas plant. PEL also had a line of gas regulation equipment that was manufactured for sale in UK and Europe that was in addition to equipment produced in the U.S.
PEL were positioned to produce product for the North Sea market from a source in UK, which provided the opportunity to participate more fully in this market as well as the European market.

1999 September 30, 1999 the Orifice Meter line of this business was sold to FMC Technologies inc. as a part of the worldwide measurement business sale, excluding the Regulation business.
Later on Thetford became part of FMC Measurement Solutions with the headquarters at FMC Measurement Solutions, Smith Meter Inc, based in Erie (PA, U.S.).

2011 In 2011, FMC Technologies Ltd sold its orifice fitting business to a group of international investors with the highest experience in the Flow Metering business to make this in reality one of the leading companies in Differential Pressure Flow Metering solution worldwide market for oil and gas industries, LNG, energy and sub-sea under the name of Flow Metering Company Ltd.
This company continues to supply and support all the products that were transferred from Peco and the existing staff have a long relationship and strong experience within the business.