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Your partner for all differential pressure measurement products
and accessories within the energy value chain

Reference List

Year Client Project Description Destination
2015 M&G Finanziaria Srl Jumbo Project Various Orifice Plates USA
  ZEECO Cantley British Sugar 40" 75# Venturi UK
  EXCEL Bekapai Development Ph 2a Project 18 Off 2" 600# UnionMaster 8 Off 4" 600 UnionMasters Indonesia
2016 Valvitalia Bheramara 360 MW CCPP 2 Off 16" 150# MeasureMaster Meter-runs Bangladesh
  QFS Sui Northern Gas PipeLine 12" 600# RTJ Orifice Meter-Runs Pakistan
  QFS Sui Northern Gas PipeLine 30" 600 RTJ/RTJ Meter Run with Tube Bundle Pakistan
  ODS Nawara Field Development 12" 900# MM 2 Off + 1 Off 3" OM Tunisia

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