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Orifice Plates

Orifice Plates are the most important and critical component when measuring flow rate by differential pressure.
Flow Metering Company Ltd acknowledge the demanding requirements of both customer and industry standards. Therefore we only employ state of the art manufacturing, ISO 9001 Quality Control and skilled craftsmanship to exceed these requirements of precision machining and polishing to ensure finite accuracy of these critical Orifice Plates.

Flow Metering Company Ltd - Orifice Plates

"500" series & "520" Series Orifice Plates

The 500 Series (Universal) is designed to be interchangeable with other makes of fittings.
The 520 Series (Paddle) is utilised when using the Orifice Flange Union Option. The Plate Handles are stamped with relevant information such as Tag No, Line I.D, bore size as an example.
Flow Metering Company Ltd - Orifice Plates

"560" series & "590" Series Orifice Plates

The 560 Series (RTJ) is designed to be installed with Orifice Flange Unions for pressures 600# and greater.
The 590 Series (Integral) is utilised on all of our Single and Dual Chamber Fittings. Our design incorporates a "Fail Safe" making it impossible to locate the Orifice Plate the wrong way to the flow direction.
It is found that uncertainty errors of over 15% have been recorded pertaining to such installation errors.
Design Code: ISO-5167 & API 14.3 (AGA-3)
Line Size: 1" to 48" (Larger Line Size Available On Application)
Pressure: 150# to 2500# (Higher Pressure Available On Application)
Material: SS304L, SS316L, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel & Hastelloy (Other Material Available On Application)
UKAS Third Party Verification Report supplied as option